Being Flynn

Being Flynn

Working in a Boston homeless shelter, Nick Flynn re-encounters his father, a con man and self-proclaimed poet. Sensing trouble in his own life, Nick wrestles with the notion of reaching out yet again to his dad.
Genres: Drama
Stars: Paul Weitz
Country: United States
Language: English
Year: 2012
Time: 102 min
IMDb: 6.4/10


Nick Flynn, in his 20s, hasn’t found his place in the world yet, but hopes to be a writer. Around the time he takes a job at a homeless shelter in Boston, his father, Jonathan, who considers himself a great writer and who hasn’t see Nick in years, abruptly makes fleeting contact. A few months later, the down-and-out Jonathan shows up at Nick’s shelter and becomes a resident. This disorients Nick; he doesn’t handle it well, compounded by Jonathan’s belligerent behavior. Nick’s memories of his mother, his budding relationship with a co-worker, and his own demons make things worse. Can anything improve? Is he his father’s son?
Plot Keywords: ex-convict / homelessness / writer / homeless-shelter / suicide
Taglines: We’re all works in progress
Certificate: Australia:MA15+ | Canada:14A (Ontario) | Denmark:15 | Finland:K-16 | Hungary:16 | Mexico:B15 | Netherlands:12 | Norway:15 | Portugal:M/16 | Singapore:M18 | South Korea:15 | Sweden:15 | United Kingdom:15 | United States:R
Cast: Robert De Niro , Paul Dano , Julianne Moore , Olivia Thirlby , Eddie Rouse , Steve Cirbus , Lili Taylor , Victor Rasuk , Liam Broggy , Chris Chalk , Wes Studi , Thomas Middleditch , Sarah Quinn , Benjamin Foronda , Dale Dickey , Joshua Alscher , Dawn McGee , Billy Wirth , Michael Gibson , Kelly McCreary , Deidre O’Connell , Katherine Waterston , Robert Andrews , Michael Genadry , Kelli Crump , Dara Tomanovich , Jane Lee , Evan Wadle , Victor Pagan , Rony Clanton , Michael Buscemi , Lorenzo Murphy , William Sadler , Joseph Prioleau , Lee Stringer , John O’Brien , Joey Boots , Luis Moco , Marilyn Torres , Stephen Williams , Roy Milton Davis , Rufino Colon , Jeff Ware , Samira Wiley , Stuart Rudin , Gabriel Millman , Thomas Hoffman , Joyce Myricks , Dwight Folsom , Carlton Bembry , George Asatrian , Anthony Piccolo , Kevin Keels , Paul Senza , Ian Bonner , Kevin Cannon , Dj Nino Carta , Louise Devery , Elli , Nick Flynn , Peggy Friend , Olive Hui , Marty Krzywonos , John Mitchell , Michael Morana , Jeffrey Mowery , Bill Walters


Company: Focus Features
Country: United States
Language: English
Released Date: 19 Apr 2012 (Hungary)
Year: 2012
Film Location: New York City, New York, USA

Technical Specs

Runtime: 102 min
Soundmix: Datasat | Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1

User Review:

jackasstrange » Being a bio, i must definitely say that it's a very interesting film about really interesting characters. Yeah, some will claim that a film without interesting characters is not an interesting film, which is true anyways. But fine: back to the main subject, 'Being Flynn' is an above average bio in my opinion.

The story about characters without any hope and saddened by the life and the consequences of it, is a thing that happens everyday with . The situation and the why people turns to be homeless is a subject explored and showed in a clever and entertaining way, without any distortions to make it look more 'interesting' for the viewer.

The editing, though very inconsistent in simple scenes, played a big part in the film's conception. The film wouldn't be as half as interesting without the good job done in that aspect.

I loved Paul Dano and Deniro's performances. Both were very good. Deniro as the grumpy old man and Dano as the character without direction in his life.

Overall, a flawed film, specifically the last twenty minutes or so, that really prejudiced a then fine film. Still, a solid 7.0/10
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