Cool Blue

Cool Blue

Dustin, an aspiring painter meets this woman named Christiane. Dustin is on a search for love, sex, and inspiration. When Christiane dumps him and disapears as quickly as she dropped in, ...
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Name: Cool Blue
Country: United States
Language: English
Year: 1990
Time: 93 min
IMDb: 4.4/10


Dustin, an aspiring painter meets this woman named Christiane. Dustin is on a search for love, sex, and inspiration. When Christiane dumps him and disapears as quickly as she dropped in, Dustin embarks on an obsessive search in Southern California to search for her.
Plot Keywords: color-in-title / female-frontal-nudity / sex-scene / shoplifting / obsession
Taglines: n/A
Certificate: Australia:M | United States:R
Cast: Woody Harrelson , Hank Azaria , Ely Pouget , Paul Lussier , Phillip Brock , Judie Aronson , Christopher McDonald , Gloria LeRoy , Karen Haber , Jonathan Chapin , Cindy Guyer , Elisabeth Mullin , Allison Robinson , Brian Ruf , Nicoletta Munroe , John Diehl , Julie Friedman , Sean Penn


Company: Cinema Corporation of America (II)
Country: United States
Language: English
Released Date: 27 Feb 1990 (USA)
Year: 1990
Film Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Technical Specs

Runtime: 93 min
Soundmix: Mono
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: n/A

User Review:

vchimpanzee » On his 27th birthday, Dustin is living in Los Angeles in a dump, driving a 20-year-old Pontiac Bonneville that needs to be taken to one, and shoplifting so he can eat. He doesn't want a job because he considers himself an artist, though occasionally, he admits, he paints kitchens instead of pictures. His best friend Buzz also lives in a dump, and he writes for Shrew magazine, though he tells his mother and girls he dates that he uses a pseudonym to write for Vanity Fair.

At Bruce's gallery, Dustin sees Christiane and decides he wants to know more about her. I won't say whether he finds her, but I will say Christiane has money but an abusive and controlling husband (or boyfriend; we're not really told). And the search process leads Dustin to a number of quirky characters.

Woody Harrelson does just fine in his role, though it's nothing really special. It's always nice to see Hank Azaria rather than just hear him, and he was good too. His best scene came when he answered the phone as operator Coco, sounding more like Moe the Bartender. Dustin tried the same thing but didn't really succeed. The movie was better when it was funny. The performances may have been good quality in the dramatic scenes but I just didn't enjoy them much.

Ely Pouget was charming and likable as Christiane. Phil Brock was goofy and somewhat annoying as the apparently gay man at the gallery where Dustin saw Christiane–an expert on movies from the time of World War II. Also apparently gay was the effeminate Paul, who got Dustin's work into a Los Angeles museum and had the ability to further Dustin's career if he could just find the inspiration–perhaps Christiane would provide that. Sean Penn made an impact in a brief scene as Paul the Plumber, who seemed Scottish or Irish. And there were so many other quirky characters whose names I didn't know. The girl in the room with what looked like Edvard Munch's 'The Scream'. Christiane's boss at a hair salon.

This movie included several different musical styles. I particularly liked what was playing during the scene in Bruce's gallery. It included an electric guitar and what I believe to have been a stand-up bass, plus drums and what turned out to be a saxophone, though it was hard to tell at first. I believe this would qualify as real jazz. The style was repeated several times, though I can't say for sure it was the same song. In the next scene (after Bruce's gallery) was a style I didn't enjoy, but others might. I believe it would be classified as Americana. It sounded sort of like 70s Southern rock with bongos. And this style came up again several times. Needless to say, the music in this movie would be best described as eclectic.

This was good, but not great.
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