Fletch Lives

Fletch Lives

After receiving an inheritance in Louisiana, Los Angeles reporter Irvin Fletcher heads to the Belle Isle plantation where he gets himself into hilarious trouble.
Genres: Comedy, Crime, Mystery
Country: United States
Language: English
Year: 1989
Time: 95 min
IMDb: 6.1/10


Ailing Los Angeles newspaper reporter Irvin “Fletch” Fletcher, in debt, inherits from a aunt “Bell Isle”, a sprawling 80-acre Louisiana plantation estate, quits his job and moves east expecting to live like a Dixie king. But he failed to inspect the run-down inheritance, leaving him only a shabby mansion with a shifty caretaker instead of reliable staff. Having celebrated anyway with an attractive lawyer in bed, he wakes up finding her mysteriously murdered and himself jailed, soon to be bailed, as prime suspect. Undaunted by a neighborly lawyer’s warning to leave town, he waves foxy real estate agent Becky Culpepper’s persistent offer well above the apparent value from a third party and starts snooping why with Becky. That proves a dangerous activity for him and almost anybody around, everything pointing to local magnate Hamilton “Ham” Johnson and his ‘Confederate’ circle of friends; including TV preacher Jimmy Lee Farnsworth and a dodgy chemical plant.
Plot Keywords: good-versus-evil / hero / dancing / chores / explosion
Taglines: When there’s more trouble than one man can handle…there’s more than one man for the job.
Certificate: Australia:PG | Canada:14A (Ontario) | Finland:K-12 | Iceland:L | Netherlands:6 | Netherlands:AL | Norway:11 | Singapore:PG | Spain:T | Sweden:11 | United Kingdom:PG | United States:PG | West Germany:12
Cast: Chevy Chase , Hal Holbrook , Julianne Phillips , R. Lee Ermey , Richard Libertini , Randall ‘Tex’ Cobb , Cleavon Little , George Wyner , Patricia Kalember , Geoffrey Lewis , Richard Belzer , Phil Hartman , Titos Vandis , Don Hood , Dennis Burkley , Noelle Beck , William Traylor , Barney D. Arceneaux , Roy Babich , Mary Battilana , Don Brockett , Walter Charles , Robert Dawson , Darren Dublin , R. Bruce Elliott , Patrick Farrelly , Grace Gaynor , Richmond Harrison , Catherine Hearne , Charlie Holliday , Christian Kauffmann , Matthew Kimbrough , Johnny Kline , Clarence Landry , Marcella Lowery , Jordan Lund , Tom McCleister , Patricia G. McConnell , Dick McGarvin , Keith Mills , Michael P. Moran , Louis M. Rapaport , Constance Shulman , Robert Silver , Ebbe Roe Smith , R. David Smith , John Wylie , John D. Bair , Dustin Dugas Schuetter


Company: Universal Pictures
Country: United States
Language: English
Released Date: 17 Mar 1989 (USA)
Year: 1989
Film Location: Ashland-Belle Helene Plantation – State Highway 75, Geismer, Louisiana, USA

Technical Specs

Runtime: 95 min
Soundmix: Dolby SR
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1

User Review:

Bjorn (ODDBear) » You had to a fan of Chevy Chase to fully enjoy the first installment but here you have to be a die hard devotee to get the most out of the sequel. The first one had a really good detective story that nearly got buried with wisecracks, but on subsequent viewings it really came alive and it ranks as one of the best movies Chevy Chase has been involved in.

Fletch Lives has Fletch moving to the South where he has inherited a mansion from his aunt. Continuing interest in buying the nearly worthless land for a huge amount of money evokes suspicions and our favorite reporter goes snooping around.

Fletch Lives is not nearly as well crafted or written as the first one, with a rather predictable mystery that doesn't seem to take itself seriously for one second. But it does have some fantastic comic sequences; such as Fletch impersonating a faith healer, Fletch encountering a mean biker gang, a memorable meeting with a fellow inmate and some one great one-liners delivered with style by the great comedian (as you might have guessed; I'm a big fan).

Supporting actors like Hal Holbrook and R. Lee Ermey add to the enjoyment and Chase delivers but when all is said and done Fletch Lives is for fans only who can overlook the shallowness of the film as a whole.
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