Harold and Maude

Harold and Maude

Young, rich, and obsessed with death, Harold finds himself changed forever when he meets lively septuagenarian Maude at a funeral.
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Stars: Hal Ashby
Country: United States
Language: English
Year: 1971
Time: 91 min
IMDb: 8/10


Young adult Harold Chasen, solitary and friendless by choice, is obsessed with death, this fascination manifesting itself in he staging his own fake suicides, driving a hearse and attending funerals, even of people he doesn’t know, all to the chagrin of his exasperated wealthy mother with who he lives. Mrs. Chasen is determined for Harold to be “normal”, including she sending him into therapy to deal with his issues and finding him a girlfriend through a computer dating service. It is at a series of funerals that Harold meets Maude, on the cusp of her eightieth birthday, she who too attends funerals of strangers. Unlike Harold, Maude is obsessed with life – her own life to be more precise – she doing whatever she wants to please herself, damned what others may think or how they may be affected. Since she can’t take material possessions with her, she is more interested in experiences, with whatever material possessions she has – often “borrowed” without asking – only to further those …
Plot Keywords: eccentricity / piano / national-film-registry / funeral / suicide
Taglines: They will defy everything you’ve ever seen or heard about screen lovers! [Video]
Certificate: Australia:M | Canada:14A | Finland:K-12 (TV) | Finland:K-16 | Ireland:15 | Netherlands:12 | Norway:16 | Portugal:M/12 | Singapore:PG | South Korea:15 | South Korea:18 | Spain:18 | Sweden:15 | United Kingdom:AA | United Kingdom:15 (video) | United States:TV-14 (TV rating) | United States:PG | United States:GP | West Germany:12 (f) | West Germany:18 (nf)
Cast: Ruth Gordon , Bud Cort , Vivian Pickles , Cyril Cusack , Charles Tyner , Ellen Geer , Eric Christmas , G. Wood , Judy Engles , Shari Summers , Tom Skerritt , Susan Madigan , Ray K. Goman , Gordon De Vol , Harvey Brumfield , Henry Dieckoff , Philip Schultz , Sonia Sorel , Margot Jones , Barry Higgins , Hal Ashby , Michael L. Davis , Marjorie Eaton , William Lucking , Jerry Randall , Cat Stevens , Erick Vinther


Company: Mildred Lewis and Colin Higgins Productions
Country: United States
Language: English
Released Date: 20 Dec 1971 (USA)
Year: 1971
Film Location: 10 Stacey Court, Hillsborough, CA, USA

Technical Specs

Runtime: 91 min
Soundmix: Mono
Color: Color (Technicolor)
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1

User Review:

melanietighe » I only saw this film quite recently but it hopped straight to my number one film of all time. It is beautiful. Bud Cort is charming as Harold and Ruth Gordon – dare I say cute? As Maude. If I look like her when I'm eighty I'll be out there nicking cars and fluttering my eyelashes at policemen too! Maude wrenches Harold free from his morbid and lonely existence to show him how lush and amazing the world can be and he emerges from his experiences a happy man. This is definitely one of the films that (along with say, Fight Club, American Beauty and The Rocky Horror Picture Show) show you can be who you want to be, and you needn't let anyone oppress you. It's brilliant. Everyone should know a Maude. It has inspired me to buy a banjo and play Cat Stevens songs.
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