Mad Max

Mad Max

In a self-destructing world, a vengeful Australian policeman sets out to stop a violent motorcycle gang.
Name: Mad Max
Country: Australia
Language: English
Year: 1979
Time: 88 min
IMDb: 7/10


Taking place in a dystopian Australia in the near future, Mad Max tells the story of a highway patrolman cruising the squalid back roads that have become the breeding ground of criminals foraging for gasoline and scraps. When his wife and child meet a grisly end at the hands of a motorcycle gang, Max sets out across the barren wastelands in search of revenge.
Plot Keywords: max-rockatansky-character / weeping-man / hacksaw / man-wearing-glasses / punk-rocker
Taglines: He rules the roads.
Certificate: Argentina:X | Argentina:16 | Argentina:18 | Australia:R | Brazil:16 | Canada:14A (Manitoba) | Canada:R (Nova Scotia/Ontario) | Canada:13+ (Quebec) | Canada:18+ (Quebec) | Denmark:15 | Finland:K-18 | France:X | France:16 | France:12 | Germany:16 | Ireland:18 | Italy:VM18 | Japan:R15+ | Netherlands:16 | New Zealand:R16 | New Zealand:R18 | New Zealand:(Banned) | Norway:18 | Norway:15 (TV rating) | Portugal:M/18 | Russia:18+ | Singapore:NC-16 | South Korea:18 | Spain:18 | Sweden:(Banned) | Sweden:15 (TV rating) | Taiwan:R-15 | United Kingdom:X | United Kingdom:15 | United Kingdom:18 (video rating) | United States:TV-14 (DLSV, TV Rating.) | United States:TV-MA (cable rating) | United States:R | West Germany:18
Cast: Mel Gibson , Joanne Samuel , Hugh Keays-Byrne , Steve Bisley , Tim Burns , Roger Ward , Lisa Aldenhoven , David Bracks , Bertrand Cadart , David Cameron , Robina Chaffey , Stephen Clark , Mathew Constantine , Jerry Day , Reg Evans , Howard Eynon , Max Fairchild , John Farndale , Peter Felmingham , Sheila Florance , Nic Gazzana , Hunter Gibb , Vincent Gil , Andrew Gilmore , Jonathan Hardy , Brendan Heath , Paul Johnstone , Nick Lathouris , John Ley , Steve Millichamp , Phil Motherwell , George Novak , Geoff Parry , Lulu Pinkus , Neil Thompson , Billy Tisdall , Gil Tucker , Kim Sullivan , John Arnold , Tom Broadbridge , Peter Culpan , Peter Ford , Clive Hearne , Telford Jackson , Christine Kaman , Joan Letch , Kerry Miller , Janine Ogden , Di Trelour , Vernon Weaver , Paul Young , Brendan Young , Katy Brinson , Lisa Dombroski , Terry Gibson , Andrew Jones , James McCausland , Amanda Muggleton , Michael Ryan


Company: Kennedy Miller Productions
Country: Australia
Language: English
Released Date: 12 Apr 1979 (Australia)
Year: 1979
Film Location: Seaford Beach, Seaford, Victoria, Australia

Technical Specs

Runtime: 88 min
Soundmix: Mono | 4-Track Stereo (Japan theatrical release)
Color: Color (Eastmancolor)
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1

User Review:

uds3 » It was the very rawness and budgetary constraints of this little flick that made it what it was. A new kind of action hero in a new kind of world! Gibson's laughably underpaid (though unavoidably so) contribution cannot be underestimated. He imbued Max with more than the script actually merited. An attitude perhaps that struck a chord with many office-desk (wannabe) vigilantes. After all, Max takes control of his own life – is not cowed by authority. Max is everyman, the one inside us that few get the chance to let loose. He is part Jesus, part Che, part James Dean, all Australian yobbo! But this guy gets the job done – drop Max into Iraq next month and see how far Saddam Hussein gets trying to stock up on sarin!

Raw energy is what MAD MAX was all about! Distilled, tempered and inflamed by the time THE ROAD WARRIOR came around but at this juncture. a man on a mission and with the best tricked-up car since….well, THE CAR ! For those of you incidentally, totally mortified that his glorious black-hearted Interceptor was rendered dead-meat in MAD MAX 2, be comforted by the fact that it DOES in fact reside still in a museum in London (Why there and not Sydney I know not…perhaps for the same reason Australia still is not host to the cricket-ashes urn!) What chance of either's return when Greece can't even get the Elgin Marbles back?

Much has been made (and remembered) of the high-power car chases in this film, held by many in absolute reverence. In fact after the main cops vs The Nightrider work-out in the first few minutes of the flick, its pretty much all downhill in the action stakes – nothing subsequently in MAD MAX (1) comes near this brief sequence. This situation (with a way bigger budget) was inarguably reversed by the time THE ROAD WARRIOR came along. The stunts in THAT film have never been surpassed and remember this was without CGI fx.

MAD MAX has that indefinable 'something" the sequels didn't…perhaps just a raw innovation couldn't be duplicated – rather like ur first kiss. It might not have been the best, but it sure IS fondly remembered.
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