Made of Honor

Made of Honor

A guy in love with an engaged woman tries to win her over after she asks him to be her maid of honor.
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Stars: Paul Weiland
Language: English
Year: 2008
Time: 101 min
IMDb: 5.9/10


Made of Honor revolves around Tom and Hannah, who have been platonic friends for 10 years. He’s a serial dater, while she wants marriage but hasn’t found Mr. Right. Just as Tom is starting to think that he is relationship material after all, Hannah gets engaged. When she asks Tom to be her “maid” of honor, he reluctantly agrees just so he can attempt to stop the wedding and woo her.
Plot Keywords: bill-clinton-character / friend / maid / maid-of-honor / woman
Taglines: It takes a real man to become a maid of honor.
Certificate: Argentina:Atp | Australia:M | Brazil:10 | Canada:PG (Alberta/British Columbia/Manitoba/Ontario) | Canada:G (Québec) | Denmark:7 | Finland:K-7 | Germany:0 | Greece:K | Hong Kong:IIA | Iceland:L | Ireland:15A | Malaysia:U | Netherlands:AL | New Zealand:M | Norway:A | Peru:Apt | Philippines:PG-13 (MTRCB) | Portugal:M/12 | Singapore:PG | Singapore:PG13 | South Korea:15 | Spain:7 | Sweden:Btl | Switzerland:10 (canton of Geneva) | Switzerland:10 (canton of Vaud) | United Kingdom:12A | United States:PG-13 | United States:R | Venezuela:PG-13
Cast: Patrick Dempsey , Michelle Monaghan , Kevin McKidd , Kadeem Hardison , Chris Messina , Richmond Arquette , Busy Philipps , Whitney Cummings , Emily Nelson , Kathleen Quinlan , Selma Stern , Sydney Pollack , James Sikking , Kevin Sussman , Beau Garrett , Christine Barger , Lilly McDowell , Kelly Carlson , Craig Susser , Corinne Reilly , Trip Davis , Valerie Edmond , Hannah Gordon , Cathleen McCarron , Eoin McCarthy , Clive Russell , Myra McFadyen , Iain Agnew , Mary Birdsong , Elisabeth Hasselbeck , Grant Thomson , Te’onna Simone Tye , Marty Ryan , Veronica Alicino , Sarah Wright , Jaime Ray Newman , Ellie Knaus , Annalaina Marks , Edith S. Wolfrey , Earl Adair , Leah Elias , Jeff Rudom , Forbes KB , Murray McArthur , Rab Affleck , Finlay Welsh , Ron Donachie , Jennifer De Minco , Christina Hogue , Claire M. Fagin , Samuel L. Fagin , Joe Weiland , Bella Weiland , DeNah Angel , Lili Asvar , Karen Berg , Morne Botes , Zachary Chitwood , Angie Cole , Jamie Donovan , Julie Eagleton , Paul Grace , Joe Heath , Eden Marie James , Diana M. Kim , Jon Kinney , Christopher Maggi , Guy Mannerings , Callum Mitchell , Guy Nardulli , Christopher L. Parson , Brandon Saario , Travis Seaborn , Joseph Sun , Paul Weiland


Company: Columbia Pictures
Country: United States , United Kingdom
Language: English
Released Date: 30 Apr 2008 (Bahrain)
Year: 2008
Film Location: Eilean Donan Castle, Dornie, Highland, Scotland, UK

Technical Specs

Runtime: 101 min
Soundmix: Dolby Digital | SDDS | DTS
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1

User Review:

jamesmccormack » Here is lighthearted entertainment for an enjoyable evening at the movies. Columbia Pictures tries to reignite the romantic comedy genre with this frothy piece. Made of Honor is nice picture to watch but somehow the whole exercise seems forced and one can only think of what could of been if the script was just a bit stronger…and the direction too. The movie takes way too long to get moving and doesn't know where to end….the final scene is tacked on.

It's hard not to give away plot points since this film seems glued together from bits and pieces of 1960's comedies as well as things you've watching on the Lifetime Network. Still it is fun. And Made of Honor is a lot more enjoyable than Baby Mama which is just a long…very long…skit from Saturday Night Live.

Patrick Dempsey looks good on the big screen but seems a bit lifeless. Do we really need scenes where characters discuss how pretty Dempsey is? He also looks a bit long in the tooth for the age he is supposed to be playing. But looks real good in a mini-kilt. On the other hand, Michelle Monaghan is enchanting and lights up the screen every time she appears. The audience falls in love with her. Other characters come and go as the plot line dictates. The three bride maids seem like a missed opportunity for comedy. The mother of the bride suddenly pops in…and out just as fast.

Made of Honor tries too hard to be something that is not in its DNA: an adult comedy. Attn Columbia: there is nothing wrong with making a nice movie. Why junk it up? Several bits are quite vulgar and add nothing to the plot. An example: Grandma Pearl wearing a necklace of thunder beads and several tacky references to Dempsey's character being gay.

In many places the cinematography is incredible – especially shots of the Scotish countryside. Almost too good for this film, it gives the film the look of a fairy tale come true. A big negative is the pop rock soundtrack that is overbearing and I would imagine exists only to have a soundtrack album.
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