The Duchess

The Duchess

A chronicle of the life of 18th century aristocrat Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, who was reviled for her extravagant political and personal life.
Stars: Saul Dibb
Language: English
Year: 2008
Time: 110 min
IMDb: 6.9/10


Georgiana Spencer became Duchess of Devonshire on her marriage to the Duke in 1774, at the height of the Georgian period, a period of fashion, decadence, and political change. Spirited and adored by the public at large she quickly found her marriage to be a disappointment, defined by her duty to produce a male heir and the Duke’s philandering and callous indifference to her. She befriends Lady Bess but finds she is once again betrayed by her husband who wields his power with the three eventually living uncomfortably together. Against this background, and with the pressures of an unfaithful husband, strict social pressures and constant public scrutiny, Georgiana falls passionately in love with Charles Grey, a rising young Whig politician. However, despite his ongoing liaison with Lady Bess, the Duke refuses to allow her to continue the affair and threatens to take her children from her.
Plot Keywords: male-heir / loveless-marriage / flamboyance / duke / marriage
Taglines: There were three people in her marriage
Certificate: Argentina:13 | Australia:M | Brazil:14 | Canada:14A (Alberta/British Columbia/Ontario) | Canada:PG (Manitoba) | Canada:G (Quebec) | Czech Republic:U | Finland:K-13 | Germany:12 | Hong Kong:IIA | Ireland:15A | Netherlands:12 | New Zealand:M | Portugal:M/12 (Qualidade) | Singapore:M18 | South Korea:15 | Sweden:7 | Switzerland:10 (canton of Geneva) | Switzerland:10 (canton of Vaud) | United Kingdom:12A | United States:PG-13
Cast: Keira Knightley , Ralph Fiennes , Charlotte Rampling , Dominic Cooper , Hayley Atwell , Simon McBurney , Aidan McArdle , John Shrapnel , Alistair Petrie , Patrick Godfrey , Michael Medwin , Justin Edwards , Richard McCabe , Calvin A. Dean , Hannah Stokely , Andrew Armour , Emily Jewell , Bruce Mackinnon , Georgia King , Luke Norris , Eva Hrela , Poppy Wigglesworth , Emily Cohen , Mercy Fiennes Tiffin , Sebastian Applewhite , Angus McEwan , Kate Burdette , Laura Stevely , Benjamin Noble , Max Bennett , Camilla Arfwedson , Fiona Sheehan , Sarah Wyatt , Thomas Arnold , Gilbert Wynne , Richard Curzon , Sophia Johnston , Katerina Tana , Ailsa Baker , Daniel Bardwell , Cristóbal Blanco García , Cris Blanco , Philippa Burt , Leigh Daniels , John K. Duncan , Julie Eagleton , Steve Hardy , Helen Holman , Emily Jardine , James MacColl , Dale Mercer , Tobias Nicholls , Carl Robinson , John Robinson , Rose Romain , Mark Shrimpton , Michael Thomson , Nigel Wright


Company: Paramount Vantage
Country: United Kingdom , Italy , France , United States
Language: English
Released Date: 05 Sep 2008 (UK)
Year: 2008
Film Location: Somerset House, Strand, London, England, UK

Technical Specs

Runtime: 110 min
Soundmix: Dolby Digital | DTS | SDDS
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1

User Review:

Gregg Araki » This film really, really surprised me.

Yes, it's from the director of Bullet Boy – but I'd only ever seen Saul Dibb's Line Of Beauty so I was expecting a pretty standard period piece with Keira Knightely – who I have never rated much as a credible acting talent.

Boy does she impress here – she is fantastic. The Duchess of Devonshire is the perfect character for her to play, and it's obvious Keira immersed herself in the role, and completely understood every single motivation of her character.

I recommend everyone to go and see this film!
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