The Trouble with Bliss

The Trouble with Bliss

A guy in his mid-thirties watches as his life comically unravels after he enters into a relationship with the daughter of a former high school classmate.
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Country: United States
Language: English
Year: 2011
Time: 97 min
IMDb: 5.4/10


A comedy/drama about 35-year-old Morris Bliss, who is clamped in the jaws of New York City inertia: he wants to travel but has no money; he needs a job but has no prospects; he still shares an apartment with his widowed father; and perhaps worst of all the premature death of his mother still lingers and has left him emotionally walled up. When he finds himself wrapped up in an awkward relationship with the sexually precocious, 18-year-old daughter of a former classmate, Morris quickly discovers his static life unraveling and opening up in ways that are long overdue.
Plot Keywords: panties / thong-panties / girl-in-panties / new-york / greece
Taglines: Find your bliss. Then follow it.
Certificate: Malaysia:P13 | South Korea:15 | Sweden:15 | United Kingdom:15 | United States:PG-13
Cast: Michael C. Hall , Brie Larson , Peter Fonda , Glenn Kubota , Lucy Liu , Brad William Henke , Chris Messina , Mary Goggin , Melanie Torres , Sarah Shahi , Joshua Alscher , Liz Holtan , Kate Simses , Dana Raja , Scott Johnsen , Carl Villa Roman , Gameela Wright , Christian Campbell , Monique Dupree , Curtz Jackson , Clayton Stocker Myers , Rhea Perlman , Randy Rosenbloom , Casey Waltz


Company: 7A Productions
Country: United States
Language: English
Released Date: 23 Mar 2012 (USA)
Year: 2011
Film Location: New York, USA

Technical Specs

Runtime: 97 min
Soundmix: Dolby Digital
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78 : 1

User Review:

nowego » I wasn't sure whether to watch this or not initially, but I liked the look of the cast list and went with it to see what happened. I can say that in a lot of ways I am glad I did. While not a world winner it was good enough to entertain me for 90 minutes.

Michael C Hall is was the lead actor and was IMO well suited to the role of a man with no money, no prospects and only one big dream, to travel the world.

He is stuck in a rut living with his father (Peter Fonda) in a pokey little flat. His life needs a kickstart and he gets it from the consequences of his very short liaison with the 18 year old daughter (Brie Larson) of one of his school mates (Brad William Henke).

One word to describe this movie would be weird, but it was a fun sort of weird and there are some amusing parts that make it worth the watch.

Not a movie for someone looking for lots of action.
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