Thousand Yard Stare

Thousand Yard Stare

Returning home after fighting in Africa during World War II, a soldier with PTSD finds reintegrating with family life increasingly difficult as he relives the battle of Kasserine Pass.
Genres: War
Stars: Aaron Kurmey
Country: Canada
Language: English
Year: 2018
Time: 91 min
IMDb: 5.1/10


During World War II, German forces crush the Americans at the ‘Battle of Kasserine Pass’. A lone Sergeant, Roland Rothach, is separated from his platoon in the North Africa deserts. Captured by German soldiers, he’s forced to face his worst fears. Fears that haunt him long after the war ends. Back home he struggles with flashbacks of the horrors and trauma he experienced, a failing marriage, and the emptiness of isolation.
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Certificate: South Korea:15 | United Kingdom:15
Cast: Adam Munro , Kirsten Wendlandt , Gin Fedotov , Michael Dodge , Kelten Jensen , Christopher Giles , Mathieu Bourassa , Kelsey Flower , Brian Christensen , Kieran Testa , Clint Yanchula , Ryan Hatt , Kevin Johnson , Jason Schneider , Michele Wienecke , Taylor Paige , Greg Fiddler , Alan Edward Johnson , Erin Maxwell Albert , Chris Krueger , Nathan MacDonald , Jeremy Mason , Lee Savage , Dan Spadafora , Morgan Wilks , Reid Wilks , Peter Von Sass , Jak Vincent , Ali Hunt , Peggy Walker , Phil Szwedowicz , Greg Auch , Erik Wanchuk , Steve Schuler , Tyler Schmidt , Nick Murphy , Sara Murphy , Salvador Garcia , Neil Chase , Spencer Warren , Jon MacBurnie , Michael Noble , Colin Grimard


Company: Rambunxious Entertainment
Country: Canada
Language: English
Released Date: 07 May 2018 (UK)
Year: 2018
Film Location: Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

Technical Specs

Runtime: 91 min
Soundmix: n/A
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78 : 1 / (high definition)

User Review:

jeffperryparty » This is clearly a low budget indie film, so don't go in expecting Band of Brothers or Saving Private Ryan. Having said that, if you're able to look past a few sparse battlefields, and decent, but not perfect VFX, then you'll find a pretty good movie.

The first 30 minutes or so are a bit slow, but once you're past that and you get into battle scenes and the rhythm of the non-linear the it really starts to pick up. It's also really more of a drama about the effects of PTSD than a straight forward war film. But of course the distributors want to push the action to sell DVDs.

Even with its flaws this was a surprisingly interesting movie to watch. The non-linear structure was well done and different than what you'd find in this genre. And as a film buff, I'd love to know more about the behind the scenes of the production to see how they pulled off what they did on a limited budget.

In conclusion, don't look down on a movie because it didn't have a hundred million dollars. There's serious merit in new voices outside Hollywood.
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