Von Richthofen and Brown

Von Richthofen and Brown

The story of Manfred von Richthofen, the German air ace during World War I and his struggle with the enemy aces and some jealous German officers.
Stars: Roger Corman
Language: English
Year: 1971
Time: 97 min
IMDb: 6/10


World War I: an allied squadron and a German squadron face off daily in the skies. Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron, leads one, and, although one of his decisions cost the life of his predecessor, he expects his men to honor codes of conduct. The allied squad has similar class divisions: its colonel, an aristocrat, laments that men he considers peasants are now fliers, including a cynical and ruthless Canadian, Roy Brown, the squad’s ace. As the tactics of both sides break more rules and become more destructive, the Baron must decide if he is a soldier first or part of the ruling class. He and Brown have two aerial battles, trivial in the larger scheme yet tragic.
Plot Keywords: red-baron / france / funeral / burial / airplane
Taglines: On April 21, 1918, the Red Baron of Germany and the Black Sheep of the R.A.F. met in the skies of France for the last time!
Certificate: Finland:K-12 | Iceland:12 | Singapore:PG | Sweden:15 | United Kingdom:A | United Kingdom:PG (video) | United States:GP | United States:PG-13 | West Germany:16 (f)
Cast: John Phillip Law , Don Stroud , Barry Primus , Corin Redgrave , Karen Ericson , Hurd Hatfield , Stephen McHattie , Brian Foley , Robert La Tourneaux , Peter Masterson , Clint Kimbrough , Tom Adams , Ferdy Mayne , David Weston , John Flanagan , Lorraine Rainer , Brian Sturdivant , Maureen Cusack , George Armitage , Gordon Phillips , David Osterhout , Seamus Forde , Fred Johnson , Des Nealon , Emmet Bergin , Shane Briant , Julie Corman , Michael Fahey , Vernon Hayden , Peadar Lamb , Patrick McLarnon , Robert Walsh


Company: The Corman Company
Country: United States , Ireland
Language: English
Released Date: 10 Sep 1971 (Finland)
Year: 1971
Film Location: Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

Technical Specs

Runtime: 97 min
Soundmix: Mono
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1

User Review:

zeugitai » There are quite a few very expert and quite excellent reviews of this film. I am only writing to add that this film is worth seeing in spite of its flaws. Any film that shows these beautiful vintage biplanes in flight as well as this one does deserves to be seen. The aerial footage alone outweighs any other consideration. The dogfights are well-filmed and exciting. My weakness is in my great admiration of the design and technology of the period biplanes and triplanes. If your heart doesn't respond to the magnificent old planes, then you might just want to skip this film. Another reviewer mentioned thrilling to the sight of the flying circus. Yes, to that. And the rest of the film gets better as it goes along.
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